Today my New Yorker cartoon is of a man sitting with his laptop in a chair while his wife, who is stretched out on the couch with a book, glares at him. The caption says, “Do I need to remind you that I have a huge Internet folloing?”

Being that the one year “blog-a-versary” of this blog is less than a month away, I decided to take a break from my discussions of open relationships and gender roles to do a personal entry on blogging this past year and what it has meant for me to blog.

This is not my first blog. I’ve tried blogging before but I blogged sparsely, usually about nothing, and could go years between entries. So why did I try again, and why did it take?

Why I blog:
…because I wanted other people’s perspectives. I don’t have a group of girlfriends that I hear from on a regular basis, with whom I can share my life with, debate something with, or share similar experiences and how we got through it.
…to have someone listen who wants to. Nobody forces any of you to read this (except, my RL friends, me). Ypu don’t have to respond. But you do. There are people in the world who care what I say!
…because this is what writer’s do now. Self-promotion. I do it. Agents and publisher’s want you to have a following already established before your deal and they like to build on the ground swell. This is part of my amateurish plan for writing world domination (as soon as I clear out all the typos!).
…because writing is my release, my gift, and my voice. In real life (IRL), I am mousy. I am not this assertive. I’m not gorgeous or confident. I’m only occasionally funny or witty in person.You really have to be around a while to know how fun I am. Not so with blogging. I can take my time, choose my words, erase things I don’t want to say before anyone reads it. I can be assertive, sarcastic, funny, intellectual, sad, whiny, and PMSing.

My readership has grown from one friend to ten known readers and at least five regular commenters.I had a high of ten comments on the Open Relationships entry. I am not even a blip on the internet radar, but I am enjoying myself, and growing through this tiny corner of the internet world.

I am 2blu2btru, and I write a blog. I write about the ships we sail on in life (relationships, friendships, hardships) and the ports we take shelter in (God, love, family, friends) when storms (money, break ups, work, life) blow. I blog about things I love (movies, TV) and things I struggle with (finding my fitness passion. Who are you, why do you read me, and why do you blog?